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A Little More About Me

My interest into the natural holistic world started in 2011 with skincare learning the best ways to clear my skin through natural ingredients and nutrition. Upon graduating with my Bachelor of Science with Fashion Emphasis from Old Dominion University in 2017, I suffered from anxiety, hormonal imbalances and fatigue. Starting my career in merchandising at a global corporation while still continuing to work on my health, personal growth and happiness. After trying to balance my health with western medicine for years, I decided to take charge of my health and wellness by diving deeper into holistic medicine using food as medicine and researching eastern medicine including Ayurveda, Chinese traditional medicine and many indigenous cultures to balance my mind, spirit and body. I then dove deeper into yoga in 2018 which connected myself to meditation. It was hard for me to believe that something so simple could heal more effectively than anything I’ve tried before. Breath work is what connected me back to my most true inner self. The value of taking that time for myself changed my life and gave me clarity to deal with life’s ebbs and flows gracefully.  

Throughout 2019 I traveled solo for six months around Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Australia. The most profound part of traveling for me was being apart of community and living presently. I came back to the states wanting to create experiences that combined true inner connection and wellness. One year later forming my own wellness brand Anulove, where sound can help you embody your true self. 

Anulove represents the love and light inside of you. We all have this powerful love inside that gets covered throughout our life’s experiences that is waiting to be uncovered to experience LIFE fully with love and gratitude. 

-Pauline Sweeney

Pauline is a native of Hampton roads, Virginia from Chesapeake. She is currently based in the Outer Banks, North Carolina where she has lived part time since 2008. She teaches mindfulness classes, events, and wellness retreats around the world.

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