Pauline Sweeney 

Anulove Wellness

I’ve been studying and practicing everything under the wellness sun to understand a deeper connection within about how to balance the mind, body and energy from tuning in to many different alternative medicines by learning through healing native traditions, yoga, meditation, nutrition to science and unified physics for the past 10 years. I feel very fortunate to be able to share all that I’ve learned with you from my travels all over the world. My passion is for you to know your true potential and experience the true beauty of the world by learning to flow through the unexpected turns of life.
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Pauline Sweeney is a registered yoga teacher completing her 200 hour yoga teacher training and 50 hour Yin training from YogaUnion in Bali, Indonesia based on a Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow led by founders Ourania Bouzouki and Spyros Kapitsinos along with lead asana teacher Himanshu Bahuguna. In 2019 she practiced with the world’s oldest American yoga master Tao Porchon-Lynch by learning to embodied the yogi lifestyle daily and world-renowned leader in holistic health Deepak Chopra by diving deeper in meditation. In 2021 she completed her Reiki training a form of Japanese energy healing through the Ascension school in Outer Banks, North Carolina with Reiki Master’s Shree Fulcher and Fiona Theiking. She continues to enhance her practice by learning and relearning through her life’s everyday experiences. 

Pauline believes you have the power to heal yourself through living a mindful lifestyle incorporating movement and breath in a healthy supportive environment. Her guided classes are specialized in you learning to slow down in this ever changing fast paced world we live in today and guiding you to live in the present moment with love, peace and gratitude. She combines what feels safe and comfortable in the body organically along with what you need to let go of tension and limiting beliefs that hold you back from living a full life.